​​​​​​​​Maiski Seatekamotlhokathari, principal and preschool teacher

‘Many times we have needs that we are not aware of, and we only realise it when the sales person approaches us. The first time we were shown this book I was felt the need for it, it expresses emotions we never think of, and because of it I did introspection and realised i only expose children to four emotions when there is so much. It helped my children with vocabulary improvement and understanding and expressing their emotions. Sometimes i feel is a must have also for adults to pause and identify how they feel.’


Dani Shekel, parent

" I've been reading Sarah's book to my kids for the past few weeks, especially on days when I think something is bothering them and ultimately they start talking about it.

The book allows me to engage with my 3 children in different ways according to their age.

It enables me to find out what makes them happy, sad or any other emotion in a non intrusive environment and opens the lines of communication so they are free to reveal more."

Linda Mthethwa, teacher and Grade R teacher trainer

‘Sometimes I feel... has been an amazing tool for me to train with and also to use with my own child (who is 9 years old).

The children are drawn to it because of its bright colours and they are interested in what it is about.

It gives the reader words to describe their feelings. It has no age restriction, anyone can use it as we all have feelings to express’

Sarie Nel, social worker

‘I have used mine already in helping a child deal with a sexual abuse matter and it was so amazing using the book during the exploration of the feelings.’

Mairi Brown, teacher trainer

‘A powerful tool for starting to develop a language around emotions for young children.

Lovely colours and simple, dramatic drawings to visualise this conversation’

Esther Rubin, play therapist and speech and language therapist

‘I love the Sometimes I feel... book and the cards. I’ve used them a lot in my play therapy with kids. I think they are beautifully illustrated and the kids relate to them. They are colourful and relevant to all South Africans which makes this book special.

It helps the children with their language and vocabulary.

I love the fact that the pages are thick and can’t be torn.

Everyone I’ve shown them too loves them and they are a very good tool to help children express those emotions.

I highly recommend them.’

Nadene Grabham - Door of Hope, Babies Home Manager

Our kids sometimes now go fetch 'how they feel' without us having to ask them How they feel. They tell us before we ask!

Marita Rademeyer, Jelly Beanz therapy and Trauma centre

"Jack, our brave emotional support dog at Jelly Beanz Pretoria, and his human Marita Rademeyer, clinical psychologist, would like to thank Sarah Allen for donating a set of "Sometimes I feel..." cards and book to our organization. Marita uses the cards with all her clients to facilitate emotional expression and she loves the fact that the product has been developed for (and tested by) South African children. Jack loves the durability of the book as he can turn the pages of the book with his muddy feet and his human can wipe it clean in a jiffy! We are looking forward to more proudly South African therapeutic tools from Sarah!"

Liz Bammeke (and Talia)

Little Talia got a book set for Christmas. Her Mom said that 'Talia is going round asking how  everyone is feeling and showing them the right card - super sweet. She loves them'.

Claire Leyland, Mcmillan Nurse

I have purchased the ‘Sometimes I feel for Emotional Development’ book and flash cards set which are excellent quality that will last, and found them to be invaluable in interacting with my son and enabling us to talk about his feelings and emotions. I have no hesitation in recommending this well thought out product with a great deal of understanding of issues that are encountered by parents and